Detritus 651



▶ source: unknown guitar pedal PCB



▶ wow what a module!!



▶ As far as pranks go, this is brilliant!



▶ Fascinating story: Group of Monks in 1960s Japan bring the Curse of Death to industrial polluters!



▶ An interesting take: “After Minimalism” – Perhaps “After Commercial Minimalism” might be a more appropriate title? as I disagree somewhat on the idea of minimalism just being a temporary style, when for cultures like Japan it is an intrinsic part of their aesthetics and has been for centuries.



▶ Tension in the Track: The Quiet, Rich Sound of ‘Severance’



▶ silly security experience today: I needed an attachment for my air compressor to inflate tyres, and wanted one with a pressure meter, so I don’t make my MTB tyres explode… One of these:

So I race into city and go to REPCO, a car parts store. All the staff are busy at the counter so I wander around the store and eventually find all the air tools down the back of the store. But the tyre inflating tool I want is hanging on a hook with one of those security locks, so you can’t remove them yourself.
For a moment I thought WTF? Do people steal these? And then: do I really have to go wait in the queue, to get some guy with a key to come back over here & release them, just so I can buy one? Then I noticed: the bracket they were hanging on was attached to a pegboard wall through two small holes… and nothing else!
So I took the bracket off the pegboard wall, and go up to the counter and hand them over, masked up but laughing: “Just one of these thanks!”
Counter guy laughs, gets his little key out & unlocks them… I pay & exit.
Maybe, just maybe he realised that hanging something on pegboard with a security lock should get some kind of award for being a pointless waste of time.



▶ a meme for all occasions…





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