Detritus 652



▶ beautiful xpan prints by Virgilijus Usinavicius-Augulis



Bill Watterson, Picasso, and HN On Self Promotion



▶ mmmm eigenvalue chords



▶ a lot of invaluable wisdom in this thread



▶ You might think an air-gapped computer is safe… think again!?!



▶ great news, thanks to the hard work of a lot of people:
Kākāpō population at its highest in almost 50 years
Have you ever heard a Kākāpō ‘boom’?

The sound reminds me of Taonga Puoro performance with Hue (not a coincidence)



▶ For anyone interested to DIY a LOM Priezor EMF sensor, Jonas has kindly updated the dxf file to make laser cutting easy using eg in USA
see priezor_a3.dxf



▶ FourTet on his 155-Hour Sp.tify Pl@ylist



▶ funny thread



▶ Fascinating read: The first interview with the Panama Papers Whistleblower



▶ 1/4″ DJ





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