Detritus 653



▶ this made me LOL…
I’m no conspiracist, but the ‘joke’ was perfectly set up!



▶ Sounds existential because it is: What is a stream, anyway?



▶ Wow I never knew how monopolistic Audible is!



▶ classic social media post! All headline and no substance….
You see the above and think wow, surely they don’t do that every day!
And you would be correct. They did it once!
“Published for “Greenery Day” on May 4, 2016, the special edition dedicated to environmental news was printed on 100% biodegradable paper with plant-based ink, and embedded with seeds that, when planted, would grow into flowers to attract butterflies and other pollinators, or herbs to eat…. The plantable newspaper initiative reached 4.6 million people, and generated over $700,000 for the publisher, as well as over 80 million yen worth of press that went far beyond newspapers alone…”



▶ great: a Bioacoustics Stackexchange



▶ Fascinating: Watergate tape forensics



▶ Overdue: Sunset of the social network



▶ “Planet of the Apes Macaque gangs”
This was not on my ‘living in crazy times’ bingo card!
Member of Japanese monkey gang terrorising locals caught and killed



fck FOMO



fps for animation
via HackerNews



▶ vfunny! Snood FTW!





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