Detritus 686



▶ Music Is a Continuum | Composer Terry Riley | Louisiana Channel



▶ HDMI kids lol



▶ Gonzo Circuits: The Synths of Peter B / Ciat-Lonbarde



▶ creative drummer on insta: Arthur Dubois



▶ Fever Technique: The Spectral Photography Of Francine Winham



▶ new stereo parabolic mic rig: Dodotronic Hi-Sound DR
They have a kickstarter for a smaller version too
Seems like dual parabolic rigs with a Jecklin disk between them



▶ this is quite strange: why are they lined up on the footpath?

Apparently, in China geo-location is a factor for social media reach & influence…
So these kids set up on the footpath of a rich neighbourhood to optimize

Is it just me or is the future getting stupider!?



▶ Fascinating look at a company who ‘cleanse’ your online presence






▶ Beastie Boys x The Muppets





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