Detritus 714



▶ wow – fun glitches in your browser or phone!
touch: waves
interactive audiovisual app using web audio!!



G Town Church Sampling Project



▶ What an excellent initiative: PLAYBACK COMMUNITY
“Do you make music and wish you could hear it on a big sound system? Playback creates a space for music makers to hear their works on an amplified sound system in a supportive and educational setting. Many music makers don’t get the opportunity to hear how their sounds will translate in final environments such as clubs, cinemas, or under heavy amplification.”





▶ I deeply admire this approach & it has many parallels with my own evolution:
Why I don’t want to grow my freelance design studio into an agency



Recreating the THX Brown Note



famous photos & the cameras used to capture them



▶ how beautiful is this
(& how/why don’t synthfluncers try something more subtle than shouting at the camera!?!)



Maryanne Amacher Archive is now accessible at the library for the performing arts
via blank forms



▶ Rare, precious: hunting for ambergris in New Zealand



▶ xkcd: Circuit Symbols lol… “Two sheep… ”



▶ Why Mazda is purging touchscreens from its vehicles



▶ wow – Sidewalk Garden





▶ i love a book where one of the experiments involves licking a 9 volt battery!



▶ TIL the guy who invented the mouse also invented a chording keyset



▶ Yann Tiersen and QUINQUIS – Ninnog Short Film





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