Detritus 716



▶ An Audacious Plan to Halt the Internet’s Ensh*ttification



iNaturalist strikes out on its own
A new $10 million grant is helping the new nonprofit!!



▶ An Atlas of Consonance



▶ intiguingly creatively-useful Rolling Sampler



▶ And another: Catch is a simple monophonic performance sampler that allows live audio to be captured for instant playback and manipulation



▶ second chance to own a legit copy of allen stranges excellent book #synth



▶ a rather specific threat?
not my photo, credit due



▶ mmmmm Moritz Von Oswald – Silencio



▶ chilli growing aspirations…



Graphème is a publication series with a thematic focus on experimental notation.



Track by Track: Vainqueur – „Solanus”

▶ Track by Track: Vainqueur – “Solanus”



▶ EPIC Games layoff 830 people thanks to unrealistic metaverse ambitions (the human cost of being sucked in by Zuck?) and have also sold Bandcamp (yikes!) to Songtradr
Hopefully they do not ruin Bandcamp in pursuit of the filthy luchre, but the aim is fairly obvious: they have bought direct access to the owners of all music on Bandcamp, enabling them to expand their music licensing bizo.
Did Bandcamp just become a stock music library, albeit it a quirky diverse one?
We shall see….



▶ Creating an audiovisual set: Performing with hydra, while also performing music



▶ Time, Structure, Timbre: Jean-Luc Hervé, Composer





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