Detritus 719





▶ 2023 Photomicrography Competition
wow to #2 match strike… and 10,11,16!



▶ “In my conversations with him, we never seemed to be talking precisely about music or not about music but, rather, a continuum of events with musical implications.”



▶ Found first three issues of 1980s Darkroom Photography Magazine at
download as a PDF







fantastic kinetic visual art by PARKER HEYL



▶ but no bitcoin!





▶ great read, on criticism and AI: empire of the senseless

“One could rephrase Greene’s question as “Who is trying to make this technology happen and why?” Who wants us to believe that we should delegate to statistical models the capability to dictate what sounds “really” convey by certain descriptions? Who wants a post-critical world where works can be fully described algorithmically and functionally deployed to accomplish various ends?
This can be asked of every “AI” application: chatbots, text-to-image models, emotion-detection technology, brain-wave translators, and on and on. On what terms can these projects even be understood to “work” — in what sort of world are emotions, aesthetic experiences, thoughts, etc., directly translatable into specific data — and who wants us to believe in them? Who is demanding that we live in that world? For whom is that world appealing?



▶ The corporate takeover of music – lessons from bandcamp





Fact checking isn’t enough



▶ “We’ve also come from this kind of approach where we’re not Danny Rampling waving vinyl around, or suffering from that sort of visibly loud ‘hot encoder/hot fader’ syndrome.” – lol



▶ EU leading by example with data privacy







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