Detritus 721





▶ A good book for field recordists & photographers: Eric Sloane’s Weather book



▶ Aardman is running out of clay and have only got enough to make the next ‘WALLACE & GROMIT’ film. The studio that usually provides them with clay has been shut down.



▶ Bandcamp Just Trying To ‘Keep The Lights On’ Following Epic Sale, Layoffs



Prince Far I Tribute site





▶ what a joke!
Spotify will end service in Uruguay due to bill requiring fair pay for artists



“Intersect” by Photographer Winni Wintermeyer
#boyracers #fragilemasculinity



Sampha x Song Exploder



▶ We don’t know how to contain or align a FOOMing AGI



▶ great perspective drawing by bkartchitect01







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