Detritus 730



▶ Around Cape Horn (1929)
There are 14 billion videos on Youtube, this is one of them







▶ There are 14 billion videos on Youtube
“To make claims about YouTube in its entirety, we either need key information from YouTube’s databases, which isn’t realistic, or the ability to produce a big-enough, random sample of videos to represent the website. That is what we did. We used a complicated process that boils down to making billions upon billions of random guesses at YouTube IDs… Deep YouTube is almost impossible to fully grasp. Our paper sought to remedy that…”



▶ So many precedent setting court cases about AI – another example



▶ Studio Ghibli sold the West a fantasy



▶ about the soul-sucking labor of self-promotion and “audience building” that basically every artist/journalist/creative worker has to do now – is the labor of self-promotion making art worse?



▶ I had a funny brief encounter with a crypto bro on instagram the other day. I posted three 35mm film photos and almost immediately a comment appears. “I want to buy this photo and two others as NFTs” which took me less than two seconds of thought to reply “No you don’t. Stop spamming!” And just like that they disappeared & took their spammy message with them (perhaps, before I could actually report them as a spammer) It was a perfect online interaction lol.
Did I miss out on squillions of dodgycoinz? Nope. If they were interested in anything like my photos they would ask if they could buy a print. But to ask to buy an NFT is someone with a scammy site for minting NFTs. What they wanted me to reply was :”oh really? wow that would be great but I don’t know how to make an NFT” At which point they get to scam me every way possible…. “Now enter your bank details, so you can cash up all the dodgycoins from your NFTs!”
Crypto bro thought I was born yesterday, when it appears they actually were…



NZ in the 70s



Elon Musk bashed by heavy metal drummer who cost him $56 billion



▶ for kiwis: apply for the 2024 Artist in Residence














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