Detritus 732





▶ lol



▶ love this:
j_allen_martines – “Little jam in the weirdo corner. Giving the Salmple one more shot and realizing how much I like it for low resolution one shots. Samples courtesy of the excellent #hissandaroar library FX011 Blocks & bones claves & stones”



▶ jungle breaks in SuperCollider!?
He has a wild album released too: Nathan Ho – Haywire Frontier



▶ surprising: Online anonymity: study found ‘stable pseudonyms’ created a more civil environment than real user names – every time I read some pathetic comment online it is ALWAYS an account with a pseudonym. I would have thought using your own name would reduce toxic behaviour as such a person would be basically advertising their toxicity, but I also appreciate how much abuse people receive online, and using their own name would not be safe. Maybe its the stable part of ‘stable pseudonyms’ that matters, rather than burner accounts.



▶ Brick Helmholtz Resonators that absorb traffic noise!

















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