Detritus 82

> Werner Herzog on The Simpsons!


“> importing the MS Paint EXE file as an audio file into Adobe Audition” (thanks James!)


> Why bad ideas are important


> Scifi vs literary fiction


> The Listening Dead – a beautiful homage to the silent film era


> Fasinating article about Kubricks 2001, Hals voice & the Kuleshov effect


> Is it Better to Be a Creative Generalist or a Specialist?


> Two cues from Jack Goes Boating by Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Didn’t I- Darondo by rchtct


> My thoughts are with everyone in Japan – cause and effect


One thought on “Detritus 82

  1. John Tenney

    I like it that you like Darondo! As it happens, I went to high school with him, when he was still known as William Pulliam, in Berkeley CA. We were both into music, he playing R&B already, me doing classical but quietly listening to R&B all the time on the local radio. If we had known then what we know now…

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