Detritus 84

> “I explain that the console has to defy conventional studio aesthetics (dentist office, WWII submarine, 70s disco club) and capture the spirit of modernist design” (via)



> It wasn’t an earthquake, it was a swarm!


> Roald Dahls Matilda, updated


> Love the idea of these playground musical instruments – giant marimba FTW!


> I’m sure I’ve posted this before but its worth a second look: Aldous Huxley vs George Orwell: Amusing ourselves to death by Stuart McMillen


> I have a couple more Samoan field recording posts to finish when I get time, but was working on ambiences & came across this very high frequency bird sound that has a beautiful musicality to it which is even more apparent at half speed:

Samoa Bird by timprebble


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  1. TOm M

    Ha! Those playground instruments are fantastic!!! Off to fundraise for our local kindy now… have you seen the price-list? Yikes… the Preschool Music Station is $3750.00USD. Price aside, this companies products are perfect for small children and the facilities they are cared for within… I have yet to come across a kindy or playcentre where the box of “musical instruments” isn’t a complete shambles with everything in dire need of repair or replacement. Small children can be ludicrously tough on toys/gear so products as robust, completely over-sized and fun as these musical “toys” are, is a joy to behold. Kids get frustrated when instruments don’t work due to mis-use and lack of care and because of this, they stop migrating towards them and experimenting with them during times of play. Having something like the “Workstation” on hand for kids to be physical with and get some form of musical payback can only be satisfying for them… hopefully they’ll come back to it and progress further with music/sound in general.

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