Detritus 86


A tree, its shadow…. and the sonic equivalent


tree AND shadow



> I am more busy than I can even pretend to explain – this week has been the most creatively challenging/deeply satisfying week of my career thus far. It’s Thursday night and I am resonating in a warm glow that is far, far beyond my own aspirations of self-determination…. Next week I rejoin the other (3D) project, which is many, many cuts later in my absence, so my free time may well/likely continue to be scarce – 3 weeks ’til predubs etc…


Until normal transmission resumes I strongly suggest you spend some time at this site, but don’t go there expecting instant gratification; the immediate posts will consume hours, and the subject will require days and days of your time, pursuing essential parts of history that are far more important than this weeks blockbuster…. So only pursue it if you are actually able and willing….. you can lead a horse to water, just as you can lead a “sound designer” to art, but….



> and heres another random photo from the archives, can you hear it?



lake AND stone



> that is all….



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