Detritus 89

> The cicada principle as applied to web design, but it got me thinking of possible uses with layering ambiences…


Macro Design from lolo_L on Vimeo.


> mmmmmm space


Sewing Machine Orchestra from Martin Messier on Vimeo.


> Great little ambience mixer in your web browser (love those howling wolves – ages ago I made some really strange sub bass sounds pitching a pack of howling wolves down 2 octaves)


> Pixar create a 3D animated sculpture (I’ve seen the Ghibli zoetrope in Tokyo that they refer to and it is really fantastic!)



> Wow – 100 incredible views from a plane – although mine aren’t on the same level of wow factor that collection made me dig out the photos I shot on the way home from Samoa:


This is Samoa from above, five minutes after takeoff


An unknown attol, mid way between Samoa & NZ


First landfall of New Zealand


2 thoughts on “Detritus 89

  1. martin wheeler

    Interesting stuff as always … Concerning the applications of primes to sound design, it has always seemed pretty obvious to me to use 7,8,9,11,13,17,19 & 23 ( bars, seconds, units ) cycles both in music & sound design to create the illusion of non looping loops ( you can use 8 & 9 if you havent used 2 & 3 as will be apparent if you think about it a little)
    in a sound design context, to preserve the illusion, you would obviously ususally want to use the more homogeneous sounds for the shorter loops … Eg in a composite “exterior through wondow” your roomtone is 7 units rain is maybet 13 and, (god forbid) if it has to be looped then the barking dog is 23 :-

    1. tim Post author

      Could see it being a very valuable process for generative ambiences in games or installation work where resources & memory are limited

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