Detritus 90

> Old school library music doco on BBC


> New iMovie Final Cut Pro? Slowly the workflow for indie film making on DSLRs is getting sorted, the new PIX device by Sound Devices is a major step in the right direction!


mandala I from Ivan Puig on Vimeo.

(more info and photos here)

mandala II from Ivan Puig on Vimeo.


> New Microphones from Sennheiser: MKH8060 and 8070


> According to CREATIVE LICENSE book, under current sample license rates Public Enemys album Fear of Black Planet would cost US$6.8million to make and The Beasties Boys Pauls Boutique would US$19.8million!?


> Incredibly beautiful interactive design for an album release to support Japan: For Nihon


> Turn your iPad into an oscilloscope


LAPS [v2_exhibition-view] – 2010 from art of failure on Vimeo.

“LAPS is an audio and visual installation that uses Internet as an imaginary space where sound echoes, reverberates throughout the Web. Based on transmission errors, the sound material is shaped by the virtual acoustic space of the network. Sound streams broadcasted within the installation structure gradually echoes the activity of the Web in various locations of the globe. Its analysis in these various points is used to progressively draw the contours of an imaginary landscape inside the installation.”


> Just had a film project for later in the year confirmed & since its now public knowledge it is this film: Mister Pip… I’ve already started planning a field recording trip to Papua New Guinea!!


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