Detritus 91


Pianola by Akko Goldenbeld


> Your New TV Ruins Movies


> Bruce Mau Design: 3 conditions that set the stage for blinding insight



> Chris Watson visits a volcano in Iceland


The songs by The Weeknd (great album!) but can you name the movie this is cut/glitched from?


> Lots of (possibly) good advice (especially the last: Remember, 97% of all advice is worthless. Take what you can use, and trash the rest.)


> I need to test some sounds through an iPhone/Ipod Touch and after having a hunt cant find an impulse response (other than Speakerphone which I don’t own) so I’m going to make my own… If I am successful I’ll post them, as I am really very surprised there are none available…


> A couple of old school downloads for you: the original Solaris score created on an ANS optical synth and a 20 min bootleg collection of Futurist Luigi Russolo’s original intonarumori recordings


5 thoughts on “Detritus 91

    1. tim Post author

      hah you win….. the original Robocop is full of great dialogue samples, cant say i’ve seen any sequels

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