Detritus 96

> So looking forward to this: Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto new album release next week!


> Fantastic abandoned soviet monuments



> Design quotes – good philosophical fun trying to apply them to sound design


> Two easy ways to make a sound map


> Brilliant: Existential Star Wars! (thanks Phil!)


> Check out the new VEMIA (Vintage Electronic Musical Instruments Auction) – I’m buying a lotto ticket this weekend! Followed by the ESM Synthi, ARP2600, EDP Gnat, Wasp, Macbeth M3X….. oh & the EMS Pitch-to-Voltage Converter…. I can haz excess carry on synthage?


> This article about emerging (ie young and/or naive) artists who are ‘defying the digital age’ by using retro analogue media is laughable, but some of the comments make up for the article… for example:


hogarthterminal: T E C H Niche is 20k years old in art. Our eyes, 5 billion years old. Digittech 40.
The stuff marketed aint grown up enough to replace the tools what we had.
The network is a digital closed loop, which is why stuff is, as digital allows bad decisions to go un-noticed for a while, and then this stuff it becomes endemic and cultural, and impossible to be rid.
We are going thru the bottleneck


So true. For every breathless review of some ground-breaking game-changing new gesture-based touchscreen app (or whatever) that supposedly enables all sorts of new creativity, there needs to be a reminder of that bottleneck i.e. lets see if anyone remembers _______ let alone is using it in 5 years time…

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