Detritus 97


> Great moments in Werner Herzog voiceovers


> Beautiful photo of a piano and a tree – that is all (& YES I AM OBSESSED!)



> Interesting listening to Kubrick especially hearing some of his thoughts on virtues of silent films


> Ok I know, you’re getting sick of hearing about pianos… In the same way as for a film, you really have to become obsessed with a subject to create an attempt at a complete sound library of anything…. Tomorrow is release day so not much longer to wait and then I’ll shut up about it… But here’s a vid of some of the contact mic recordings I did for the new library – will save the philosophical anecdotes for tomorrow….



2 thoughts on “Detritus 97

  1. tohm

    Tim, that tape pull noise is brilliant… that is the exact sound i needed years ago… and I can all ready hear an entire piece based on it… I am very excited about this

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