Detritus 98


Wow – check out these photos of sound resonance in water


> Interesting sound artist who works with silence eg one cubic meter of silence



Velvet Underground doco: part 2 and part 3 and part 4 and part 5 and part 6



Sonicity by Stanza


6 thoughts on “Detritus 98

  1. leyton

    i think the problem i have with the “takes outside input via sensors and sonifies the environment” type installations is that there is some algorithm that mediates the input into the output. , a mapping that has to occur , that is decided by a human map lumens to frquency, etc,etc.. Why is that a problem? Im not sure, it just is…at the moment..and i cant hear past it.

    The interesting part for me is the mediation, not the output.. Id be more excited to see the Max patch than listen to the output.. jeekers that sound geeky…yo tim love the piano library.. and its perfect for the next rotor plus cd ;-p

    1. tim Post author

      i agree and actually find it affronting when i cannot perceive the relationship between input and output eg the project sonifying earthquake data that someone did (not my feeble attempt) which created interesting music and sound, but there was no way i could make any connection between the input and output, the input might as well have been a been a 3 year old bashing away on a MIDI controller…. I felt ripped off/sucked in by the premise…. From such interesting ideas of inter-related mediums I expect poetry not abstraction, otherwise why even mention the source?

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