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José Luis Díaz has a great series of video tutorials on dialogue editing, which along with the book “Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – A Guide to the Invisible Art” by John Purcell should be required reading/viewing for anyone working in film sound post production, but is especially useful to students and anyone new to sound post, or interested in expanding their knowledge beyond their own department or speciality.
I get emails occasionally asking me to outline the sound editing & design process for feature films, and usually it is apparent just from the question that the person doesnt actually realise the scope of their question i.e. they don’t know what they don’t know. I don’t mean they are ignorant, but by comparison I don’t anything about using a dark room for photography but I DO know the scope of how much I dont know & there is no way I would email someone asking how to do it, because I can well appreciate the complexity & acquired practical experience that would be necessary. These are huge, complex tasks and with sound post they involve many skilled people over a long period of time. Summing it up in a collection of ten books would be a challenge, but summing it up in an email? I think not. FWIW here is a small collection of books I have read, and below is a series of links to Joses video tutorials..

Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – Lesson 1: Organization

Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – Lesson 2: Basic Transitions

Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – Lesson 3: Using Reverse Room Tone

Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – Lesson 4: Aligning Shots

Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – Lesson 5: The Telephone Split

Dialogue Editing – Lesson 1

Dialogue Editing – Lesson 2

Dialogue Editing – Lesson 3

Dialogue Editing – Lesson 4

Dialogue Editing – Lesson 5

Dialogue Editing – Lesson 6

And thanks Olivier, for posting this list!

2 thoughts on “Dialogue Editing Tutorials

  1. Jon Clark

    Wonderful! I always struggle to convey the complexity of dialog editing to my students. This will be a tremendous help. Thanks for re-posting.

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