Distributed feedback




This setup has one Peizothing on each Timpani, plus one BT-Peizothing on the bass drum with a bluetooth speaker underneath it.. Once the bass drum was feeding back, I slowly tune the two Timpani as they feedback until I have a beautiful harmonic drone, spread across the room… It sounds beautiful but the best part? Once the drone is established, if I slowly detune one of the timpani, the others follow the pitch via sympathetic resonance!

Don’t worry – I will record some & share a video, but not until after FOLIAGE library is finished! (If I start recording feedback, I won’t stop and FOLIAGE will never get finished! And I haven’t decided how I am going to record it yet but will need to be multichannel: mics in the room, contact mics on the surfaces and direct feeds from each Peizothing = 8 channels minimum!)




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