Spent the last week removing and replacing the PVC roof on the porch at the back of my house. The old roof was so old it was brittle and full of holes and cracks, which is what enabled me to record the RAIN RHYTHMS Library… When I was researching what to replace it with, there was a direct cost relationship to longevity: cheaper is guaranteed for 5 years, expensive for 15 years. I bought this house 7 years ago and the old PVC roof likely had never been replaced since it was installed, so was well past its use-by date.

So now I have waterproof space, that will be useful for more than just storing all my sound props and junk! But it also gives me new respect for tradies… My back & arms are so tired, as every stage of the work involved reaching up into the rafters and climbing on the roof.

Relieved to have it finished, as my next DIY project is a new foley room in the basement, which will be approximately three times larger than the old one I have been using. Cannot wait to get it finished – larger space = larger props!



Heres the step by step:

Just waiting on decent weather so I can repaint the floor!




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