DIY Tape Echo






I remember back when these SONY TC5000 EV recorders were locally the main unit recommended for oral history recording. Easy to use, reliable, battery powered etc… and with three heads and playback speed control from -20 to +40!

Fast forward a few decades and they can be found for $100 and are easily modified to function as a tape echo, with vari speed on record: “the mod is as simple as soldering a jumper wire onto two pads of a massive switch”

This one needs its belts replaced so I just need to wait for those to arrive and can then do the mods…

This may well be the cheapest tape echo possible!
Will be fun to try some grungy old tapes in it!


The service manual for the TC5000 EV is here

mode.analogue at Lines forum kindly shared this photo which shows the required speed mod:

“make sure you isolate the purple cable on the desoldered end or remove the whole cable entirely to not create any unwanted short circuits or other unexpected behaviour.”


pulplogic on Lines forum:
“To use a loop tape you need to disable the End Detection circuit. The lack of rotation on the RM sensor will trigger the alarm and send a signal to pause. I found some old notes from the last time I did this mod, hopefully this helps:





OK maybe this is the VERY cheapest tape echo:




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