Is Mario dancing to the music? Is the beat unrelated to the action? is my mind subconsciously trying to glue the beat & music to the action (& instantly forgiving it when its a little late? hah! its dub! its all a little late – just how we like it!)

Similarly I love this old Gondry music video for the Chemical Brothers ever since I first saw it; simply because it was like deja vu ie sitting on a train with the ipod cranked up with beats & the trees/power poles etc start hitting sync points… you blink & snap back to the here & now & ask yourself: ‘are they really syncing up or is my mind playing tricks on me?’

“Every sound from the track will be illustrated by an element of the landscape that appears each time that sound is heard. As the song becomes more elaborate, we will create a more and more complex landscape.”

But the funny thing with sync is that sound post newbies talk about being ‘frame accurate’ in terms of spotting/syncng their sounds, but what is a frame? at 24fps, one frame equals 41.67ms which is a LOT when you talk in terms of music. Its like changing genres: the snare drum in rock music is ON the beat whereas the snare in reggae is often late/dragging the beat… So between frame and is a whole lot of ‘feel’ and genres of music… so dont ever tell me you are ‘IN SYNC’ just because the sound you cut is on the boundary between picture frames! Despite all that it still might not ‘feel’ right – its like a cadence… There is also a funny human perception, that says a sound early in sync feels very wrong, but a slightly late sound seems kind of ok/not wrong, which is I guess related to our perception forgiving the scenario of hearing a real sound out of sync. I can still vividly remember seeing/hearing a sound effect out of sync: watching a pole driver slamming into a big pole that was part of a wharf. I could clearly see the point of impact, but the sound took many frames to reach my ears…. What is ‘correct’ sync?

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  1. Julie

    When I was assisting and spending most of my time synching rushes I occasionally dreamed with the sound out of sync- the purpose of the dream being to physically man- handle the sound back into sync with the pictures…

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