East Cape Trip



The road trip I just did was a circuit, up to East Cape and then back via Lake Waikaremoana…


And just dropped off film to the lab…


6 x Tmax100
1 x Superia 1600
1 x Natura reloaded with HP5


The older I get the more interesting I find it to revisit locations around New Zealand… As I get more experience shooting with xpan I see each location in a different way, and explore it with a different motivation….

Regardless of vaccines I can’t see how international travel will be viable or safe for at least another 12 months, so for 2021 I have a couple of big local trips planned, to the far ends of each island:

– Northland, right up to Cape Reinga but also exploring around Kaipara

– Fjordland, the deep South, the most remote part of NZ.

Tricky to work out a schedule as Northland gets unbearably hot in summer, and Fjordland gets over 8 metres of rain per year… COVID messed up my winter plans this year so a South trip mid winter specifically to shoot in snow is also on my agenda!





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