EdiMarker – ProTools marker import export!!

Mark Franken, creator of conforming app EdiTrace amongst other things has gone & done what Digidesign/AVID should have done literally years ago: released an app for importing and exporting ProTools markers! If this is as meaningful to you as it is to me please also be aware it is donationware, and donate accordingly – I’d happily buy Mark a beer or three for this! And I shall!


Check out EdiMarker

7 thoughts on “EdiMarker – ProTools marker import export!!

  1. Ryan

    Dear Tim,

    That is awesome. I am going to try this out for marking good takes during a narration recording session.

    Question, though: What does LFOA mean? Searched everywhere, forgive me…

    1. tim Post author

      It is a standard film post term and means LAST FRAME OF ACTION, similarly FFOA is the FIRST FRAME OF ACTION… When we get Quicktimes delivered of the reels of a film, our standard specs are:
      Reel 1 TC SMPTE leader start @
      2 pop @
      FFOA @
      LFOA of course depends how long the reel is…

      Apart from looking at the QTs to find LFOA the assistant picture editor usually issues a text file/email specifying the LFOA for every reel so they can be checked throughout the entire post production process.. since if one frame was dropped in the neg conform of R2, all subsequent reels could possibly be one frame out of sync.
      Having a list of LFOAs is also handy when stitching reels together for test screenings, mix screenings etc….

  2. Tim Walston

    OK… sticking my neck out again: Pro Tools 7.4 lets you import Markers from another session. This is something I wanted years ago as well, but it’s been available for a while. Is there something else I’m missing, that this program does that’s useful and exciting?

    Also, someone smarter than me figured out how to do it previously on older versions as well, by creating a tempo track in the source session then importing that track or some such clunky way, can’t remember exactly.


    1. tim Post author

      i personally need this app to export markers to text, so they can be put into a seperate database, emailed etc….

  3. Chris Davis

    My thought was to be able to use EdiMarker to get my markers into Filemaker Pro so I can quickly sort the markers and divide them up to give to separate editors.

    I export a tab separated file and I get errors in EdiMarker. Opening the original file from EdiMarker and comparing it to my FileMaker export does not reveal any formatting problems.

    Has anyone tried this? Or think it there is a much better way to accomplish this?

    1. Chris Davis

      I figured it out!! When you export from Filemaker, there are a few carriage returns at the bottom of the file that are causing the errors in EdiMarker. So far the fix is opening in TextEdit and deleting the bottom few lines (which appear empty).

      I guess its back to Filemaker for some export testing.

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