EM Field Recording


Music premix finished today and even had time afterwards to do some electromagnetic field recording! The EMF from that Euphonix desk sounded unreal, as did some of the other tech in the room.. Will go have a listen in the machine room mix next week once we start the final mix.

2 thoughts on “EM Field Recording

  1. Matthew

    could you share the signal path on this EMF recording? As in, did you use a preamp or anything in between the output of the ‘sluch and your recording device? My EMF recordings are always really quiet.

    1. tim Post author

      I was really just doing some test recordings, but I was going from the Elektrosluch into the line inputs of my Sony D100 recorder and had plenty of signal. I will also use my Sound Devices 788T for future recordings as want to record multitrack, but no lack of signal from the Elektrosluch, into the D100 or listening on my little Sennheiser PX100 headphones (haven’t tried it with my HD25 headphones)

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