EMF x Plasma Ball Experiments

Using these EMF sensors:
LOM Elektrosluch 3+

SOMA Ether

LOM Priezor

Much thanks to Benny for loaning me the Priezor
I’m in the process of DIY building a pair of Priezors, thanks to LOM making their projects open source. Details here: LOM Github

Discovering the feedback idea was pure accident. I wasn’t keen to wear headphones too much while recording as EMF is a bit harsh…. So I set up a pair of JBL LSR25P monitors… Late one night I turned them up a bit too loud when I had the Plasma Ball in sound reactive mode and bingo! (I think the rapid glitchy rhythms come from the lag of MixPre10 A/D/A in the feedback path, but it’s just a theory)

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