EMPEROR Ambience Predub

Doing my final pass and output of my ambiences session today for EMPEROR as we start predubs on Monday at Park Road Post… Tiny screencap of my session below (inactive tracks at the bottom are my source material/library tracks)

Now the fun really begins!!

PT sess

note: see this post for explanation of how/why its I lay it out as I do

4 thoughts on “EMPEROR Ambience Predub

  1. ErikG

    Hi Tim

    A few questions If you can spare the time I between mixing.
    Do you keep all your source material in the actual session when going to the mix?
    How do you sort your source material while working?

    Personally I’ve kept all my source material outside of the session and just have it in soundminer (or mediabay while in Nuendo which is most of the time as I prefer it to pt).
    But thinking about it, perhaps there’s a value if seeing the files in recorded order linerarly as that might make it easier to remember where and what that interesting part was. Rather than relaying on memorable naming.

    I think I’ll just try it for the next film I’ll be working on.

    1. tim Post author

      hey Erik
      When I go to the mix I save a copy of the session, but I clear all the unused media from it first – so the screenshot above was captured before I had done that… This session came down to 12GB of media but I’d hate to think how much there was before I reduced it down to only what I’ve used….

      I keep the media in a seperate SoundMiner database too. But I’ve been working on this film for 3 months and slowly collecting up all the resources I need, so each time I loaded up a new collection of sounds (recordings, library material, licensed sounds etc) I would import each collection on to a new LIBRARY track, as per down the bottom of that session. Then I can audition through all the new material & use colour coding of the region to tag new sounds that I want to use…. I find it a valuable way of managing library material for the session as it means I can refer back to it, delete inappropriate material from the lib tracks, track if I have made the best use of the material etc….

      For FX sometimes I build library tracks down the end of the session, and then can use markers to tag & access sounds, but ambiences are too long running for that eg that blue LIB track is 5 hours long!

      Plus the PT10 session length at 12 hours is better, but still not enough eg when come to conform a 6 reel film as above, need to use up to 12 hours… so leaves no room at end of session for library…

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