Ephemeral Islands

One of my projects as part of this Artists Residency is a video art/sound/music work titled EPHEMERAL ISLANDS and is based in subtly manipulated footage of six or eight of the tiny islands that exist just offshore from Shodoshima. Some of them are small enough to not appear on maps, but they are all incredibly beautiful, especially as the light shifts across the Seto Inland Sea.

Each island is a discovery – some I had found on google earth, but some appear to be missing from satellite photos, hence the title…. No humans live on any of them, but there is plenty of life there, which is the part that intrigues me….

This particular island does appear on google earth but I had missed it. And last weekend as we headed out to the Mito Peninsula to visit some art from the Festival we drove around a corner and there it was in profile, the most beautiful ephemeral island I have ever seen!


I shot some footage in the bright midday light, but knew its character would change with the light. On the way home after shooting sunset (& meeting the UFO guy) I stopped to shoot some long exposures in the moon light, almost a full moon. Weirdly there are only two street lights along this part of the island and one of them is right opposite the island, so a bit of a colour cast comes from it (& I have considered asking if, on the next no-moon, they might turn off the street lights for me, to shoot a star time-lapse…) but such a different mood in the dark


As part of my residency (& this particular project) I will be holding a workshop in Tonosho the week after next (I think its October 3rd) when myself and whoever turns up will be sonifying some of these beautiful ephemeral islands… Looking/listening forward to it!

No doubt you will get to see & hear the results, sooner or maybe later, not sure how that works quite yet with these projects…. But here’s to the Ephemeral Islands! Kampai!

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