error zen



thanks quicktime


BTW that error occurs whenever I shoot video with my little Canon s100 point & shoot camera, and leave it running too long. It seems as soon as the file size gets past 2GB the file becomes unreadable when the CF card is taken out of the camera & put into any USB card reader attached to computer. The only work around I have found is to put the card in my old Zoom H2 and do a USB transfer direct from it = slow as a wet week but it works! Talk about jumping through hoops!?!

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    1. tim Post author

      it is very weird & trying it in my old h2 was a last resort after trying it on different macs, os versions, cf cards and card readers… I wasn’t prepared to throw away the video file & usually rememebr to not shoot long vids with it… it must be a flaw in the way the Canon s100 writes the file, and the h2 must be using some other protocol to transfer data & create the new copied file from that data, as it is very slow to transfer…

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