Favourite Arp & Step Sequencer?

I have plenty of options in hardware but have been checking out software and I am interested to know what your fabourite arp & step sequencer plugin is?

My main three would be:
1. Numerology
2. Stepic
3. Cthulhu

I just came across the free BlueARP and have installed it to try out… I had also never seen the entire environment of Loomer Architect. Also Sequend looks interesting…

4 thoughts on “Favourite Arp & Step Sequencer?

  1. jet

    Might be boring, but Bitwig’s stack of note FX and the fact you can apply any of its modulators to them is more than enough for me.

    I was playing something to a friend yesterday and he asked about what was happening harmonically on a particular track. I brought up the piano roll and it was just a single midi note triggered once every 8 bars! Oops. 5 different note fx and a stack of modulation generating the resulting chords.

    It’s somewhere between Numerology and Sequend, I guess. From memory as well as its arpeggiator there are 20 note FX. And then there’s the entire built-in modular environment, which handles any flavour of note data, if you never want to actually write music again… 😐

    1. tim Post author

      Thank you! I need to spend enough time with Bitwig to get familiar with it. Its so much faster for me to work in PT & ableton LIVE, I need some down time to learn Bitwig & Reaper… & Max… & SuperCollider 🙂

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