Favourite field recording of 2010

This post is in reponse to a great question asked at Social Sound Design site: What was your most interesting recording of 2010 which will surely lead to some fascinating sounds & stories… I’ll post my answer there too but I figured I’d post it here first as I wanted to include some photos…..

Imagine we’re living in the future and space travel is easy; anyone can afford to travel anywhere in the galaxy and the means to do so are so refined that you don’t even need breathing apparatus when you go for a walk on the surface of some distant gaseous planet. This describes my favourite field recording trip of 2010. Here is the location:

Some of the larger & denser mud pools sounded like a very large pot of porridge! But here is a piece of the original field recording of a close up mud pool which is more singular :

MudPool original field recording by timprebble

An interesting aspect of these mud pool sounds is that they are almost like a set of random triggers; accordingly they interact in interesting ways with impulse responses. Below are some processed versions, three through Eventide H8000 impulses, then convolved with a huge metal grain silo impulse & lastly convolved with a piano impulse (mud pool playing piano? WTF?)

MudPool processed01 H8k1 by timprebble

MudPool processed02 H8k2 by timprebble

MudPool processed03 H8k3 by timprebble

MudPool processed04 silo by timprebble

MudPool processed0 5 piano by timprebble

7 thoughts on “Favourite field recording of 2010

  1. Owen Price

    Great post. I love the sound, it could be any sort of slimy, gassy biological creature.

    Where about is the location, I don’t recognise it in the pictures. Have you got a Googlemaps location?

    1. tim Post author

      Location is Wai-O-Tapu, about 20km south of Rotorua

      Mudpool recording is from a free access location, once you turn off the main road, heading into Wai-O-Tapu, there is a short loop road that takes you to this mud pool, have a look at the map on the WaiOTapu site

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  3. steve

    Damn the sulphur acid etc must have played hell with the sensitive mics and the connectors and other etc!!! I can imagine a major clean up afterwards to ensure they don’t deteriorate?

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