First Day of Spring!

a dozen Tomato varieties, including low acid type
(which means use less/no sugar if making sauce etc)

and a dozen Chilli varieties!

Its funny – I definitely used to be a “no chilli thanks” person, who would always get a mild curry… But I saw this meme ages ago & I couldn’t stop thinking about it:

So I slowly started experimenting, first buying a range of hot sauces and then last year I grew 4 varieties of chilli, which did really well. They also survived the winter so I’ve put them in bigger containers & expect them to grow lots more this summer…

But the real proof came via ramen! I don’t eat much of the instant ramen but a while ago I started a weekly ritual of making ramen for lunch on a Sunday. And as I am making ramen from scratch, I tend to vary the recipe every time. Usually I slow cook pork overnight, and I quite like mushrooms in ramen – shitake or portobello. But I also started putting fresh chilli in too, and now ramen seems too tame without it! I love it when it feels like my lips are vibrating from the chilli.

So expect some progress photos!

This year I am growing:
Cayenne Long Thin – Sethas seeds
Jimmy Nardello Pepper – Sethas seeds
Cayenne Anmol F1 – Egmont seeds
Carolina Reaper – Egmont seeds
Bhut Chilli – babz_nz on TM
Serrano Chilli – babz_nz on TM
Mixed Chilli pack – babz_nz on TM
Chilli Shake – Mr Fothergills at Bunnings
Habanero Gaint Red – Mr Fothergills at Bunnings

Do you have a favourite chilli?

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