FIXED: Vestax PD2000


Many many years ago I bought a pair of Technics SL1200 decks and kept them for many years, but when vinyl shopping at Beautiful Music (used to be on Ponsonby Road back in the day) I tried out their turntables which were Vestax PD2000 and I liked them so much I sold one of my SL1200 and bought one. They felt a bit lightweight compared with the SL1200 but the key features were that the PD2000 had a backwards button, so you could play records backwards at a consistent speed… And there is the speed control. The PD2000 had Ultra Pitch which meant you could slow records down to a crawl, which was very useful when sampling… All good!

But some years later it developed a weird problem, like it was possessed!
If you put a record on, it might play for 10 seconds… then it would switch to reverse at high speed! Or it would play at a weird speed. It became completely unreliable and a little dangerous, sometimes the sudden change in direction & speed would throw the tone arm off the record… I did searches of how to fix it & had no luck, so its sat unused for years…

Today I was in a mood for fixing things as have had a few successes recently bringing things back to life I suspected were history, so I did some more searches an found this article

“This is a really common fault with this model of TT. I’ve just repaired a pair of them with the same problem.

You need to remove the bottom cover of the deck then take the round cover off the bottom of the motor assembly. Be really careful with that, delicate sensitive stuff inside. Once you remove the screws use a small flat blade screwdriver to lift the cover free of the rubbery glue that seals and holds it in place.

Once removed, in the centre of that cover is a small black rubber cirlce about 6mm in diameter that the shaft of the motor rotates on. The problem causing all of that erratic platter movement is with this small black circle.

The solution I found was to use double sided tape to hold this part in place. This serves two purposes. First, to stop the part from moving off its required location, Secondly, to raise the part up slightly from the bracket that it sits on. Layer the double sided tape up so its the around the same thickness as the small black rubber circle. Then place the black cirlcle into its original location bedding it firmly into the tape.

A tiny small dollop of grease on the end of the motor shaft. Replace the motor and bottom covers.
Bingo! The decks a-go-go!”

I was prepared to suspend my disbelief long enough to try it, and ten minutes later it seems to have worked! I’m going to leave it playing for an hour or two and see if its a permanent fix, but for now it is holding locked speed!

What record/s did I play first? These:

Alva Noto 2 x 10″ locked groove
Discogs names it: Carsten Nicolai Aka Noto – ∞ – Sonar Endless Loop Edition and dates it from 2003 but there are a few versions so not 100% sure…

Fun to jam with…


Now to get back to my vinyl




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