Floof pre haircut




If you are on the HISSandaROAR mail list you will likely recognise Murphy, CEF (Chief Executive Floof!)
He is actually my parents cat, and turned 17 this year, in human years… At the end of winter each year my Dad takes Murphy to the vet & gets them to give him a haircut, and its usually a #2! To be honest, for a month or two afterwards he looks like a freak… But my sister mentioned he was booked in for his annual haircut just before I arrived down South on my first road trip of 2020, so I emailed my Dad and asked him to delay the haircut until after I visited, so I could shoot some ‘before’ photos…

Having now arrived, and shot a bunch of photos and videos I am off further South… Meanwhile Murphy gets his haircut on Friday and I asked my Dad to ask the vet to save Murphys offcuts. I am intrigued how much all that floof weighs, but someone also mentioned there is a local who is into spinning & knitting with cat floof, so maybe I can commission a beany and a cardigan for Murphy! It must be a shock to go from all that floof to almost none!








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