FOIL Sound Library Free Update




I would have included these new recordings with the original library release but… ahem…
i dun blew my subwoofer!

I own two of the sub in question (JBL LSR16P) from when I had a home studio (apartment in Kilbernie) and work studio (Park Road) but I had used the fuse from my second one to try & resuscitate the first, with no joy… After watching a few youtube tutorials me & my multimeter diagnosed the first sub had blown power transistors, which I then learned are no longer available new… but I managed to score some NOS replacements via my fave Japanese auction site… Checked with tech and likely other transistors are blown too so I have sourced those now.. and am patiently waiting for genius tech to have *any* free time…

Meanwhile I went & got a dozen fuses from Jaycar and got Sub 2 going…. And recorded the Sub Rattlers for GLASS with it… and now FOIL.

If you own HISSandaROAR SD046 FOIL expect an email with downlaod links in the next week!





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