One of the libraries I am currently working on is a big FOLIAGE library.
Not AMB although some spot elements would be possible.
This is my record list so far:

– Leafy branch moves, shakes, swishes, hits & breaks
– Bare branch moves, swishes, hits & breaks
– Movement ‘crashing’ through bushes
– Slashing & cutting foliage with a machete
– Branch against branch hits, scrapes, creaks & moves
– Footsteps: individual steps, sequences, passbys

I am purposefully working with a wide range of foliage, from deciduous and evergreen trees, from large leaves to small, as well as palms, ferns, toitoi, broom and gorse. And scaling my performance from subtle up to BIG FOOT monsterish! Autumn is now starting in New Zealand, so access to mass leaves will also soon be possible.

For close recording I have been capturing mono MKH8050 for foley-like use, as well an MKH8040 pair for close, dramatic stereo movement. But an important aspect of my aims also requires a wide perspective. As a reference, when I think back to watching The BlairWitch movie, a lot of the scares and dread came from the scale & distance of the branch breaks & cracks, created by whatever the hell was out there..

To capture a wider perspective, at times I have recorded with an extra two channels using MKH8020 mics. But using omni mics in a forest means they also capture every bird & insect, which limits the use of the sounds (or requires lots of RX to remove) Accordingly, my plan is to next stage some night forest recording, so I can scare myself and hopefully capture clean multi-perspective recordings.

So while I wait for the right low wind conditions, my question for you is this:
Do you have any requests that I can add to my FOLIAGE record list?
I’ve had some great suggestions from the HISSandaROAR Mail list, via Twitter and Fecalbook…

For the night FOLIAGE recording sessions I am thinking of using my stealth Rycotes… Might have to pack a battery theremin incase anyone turns up to see what I am doing…






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