Freedom from distraction

Whether its a distraction or not, the internet in all its uses is a time consumer and nothing can make you lose a train of thought faster than an ichat alert or email arrival… so if you need some time out, to concentrate/write/create/etc this little application might be of surprising value to you:

In a nutshell Freedom (for osx) disables all network connections (wireless and ethernet) for a set amount of time: a reboot is the only circumvention of the Freedom time limit you specify!

I’m going to give it a try this week & see what impact it has… Its donationware which is admirable, so if you try it & continue to use it, please do donate

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2 thoughts on “Freedom from distraction

  1. Carl

    Psychology is a funny old thing isn’t it. I’m always amused at the way we humans have to trick ourselves with tools like this in order to just do what we should be doing anyway. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that there’s no point trying to fight your own nature, but to find constructive ways to work with it, and tools like this are a godsend in that regard.

    My personal example of this kind of weakness is with food. If I have some kind of junk food in the house, I am too weak to resist it and I just stuff myself. But if I keep it downstairs in the garage out of sight, the temptation vanishes completely. The day I realised that I don’t need to ‘get hard’ and have a will of iron, but just embrace the weakness and live with a perfectly workable solution (no matter how stupid it may be on a rational level), I was a lot better off.

    This software seems like a similarly useful solution. However, I can see myself getting really annoyed with it (and myself) at times.

    Oh well, it’s cheaper than a therapist. Heh.

  2. Carl

    Ok, I’ve just realised one massive problem with this software, at least at work. If you’re controlling Pro Tools with an Ethernet based control surface (Pro Control, Icon, etc.) then you’re fucked. Oh well, could be useful at home with my USB based Command 8.

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