Gadget Vendor

Gadget Vendor

Yesterday I went for a wander through DenDen Town in Osaka, which is the Kansai equivalent to Akihabara in Tokyo (or the electronics/tech/anime/game zone for the uninitiated) and after visiting an excellent four story electronics store (bought a solar powered cricket & a tiny microblock synth – like lego but tiny 1mm blocks) but outside the store was this vending machine: the Gadget Vendor!
Now there are vending machines everywhere you go in Japan & they are a welcome sight when you are thirsty as hell, and its a great reflection on Japanese behaviour/respect/discipline that beer and whisky are available from street side vending machines – such things wouldn’t last one night in New Zealand)
But this was the first vending machine I’ve seen that sold USB cables & iPod docks! Got a sudden need for a bread board at 3am?? Problem solved!

Gadget Vendor

4 thoughts on “Gadget Vendor

  1. Refund

    first off, I’ve said this before but I LOVE your virtual tourism posts!

    I have a question which I think will be a simple one for you, if I am doing some condenser mic (zoom h1) recordings of things like keys rattling, rock scraping, pebble shuffling etc… for music purposes, do you have any experience on the best way to remove breathing noises? I’ve tried a jumper over my mouth and and a foam barrier and while it reduces the breathing sound a bit, it’s hard to get rid of it enough for my purposes.

    I’m recording everything in a standard bedroom on a super sturdy table with the items placed on foam where applicable, hope this isn’t to trivial/obvious a question for you, cheers!

    1. tim Post author

      sorry, forgot to reply to this earlier….

      “the best way to remove breathing noises?”

      this is going to sound silly, but the best way is to avoid recording them in the first place. I’ve recorded plenty of sounds in high gain situations and haven’t had a problem with recording my own breathing…

      some suggestions

      – slow your breathing
      this takes a bit of practice but is good for your brain anyway

      – breathing slowly through your mouth tends to be quieter than through your nose

      – if the sound you’re recording is on-mic (ie directly in front of the mic) and your face is off-mic and you are breathing quietly, then it shouldn’t be a problem…. Check the polar pattern of the mic you are using & make sure your face is not on-mic, as some mics are sensitive to front AND rear, so if you’re behind the mic it may be the worst place to be… likely being out the side of the mic and slightly behind is best place

      – it may also be a signal level issue, sometimes foley has to be over-performed i.e. performed a bit more actively than is real, so that it is clean & rates well when turned down/played quietly in context… By performing 6dB louder, it is the same as turning down your breathing by 6dB

      You should ask this question on socialsounddesign site for other peoples input

  2. Refund

    You just made me realise that when I’m ‘trying to breathe quietly’ I close my mouth completely and start breathing through just my nose. that’s gives me something to try next time.

    I also looked at the polar pattern and I didn’t even realise that part of the rear was in the ‘line of fire’ so to speak

    that also made me realise that I didn’t have any baffling behind the source, so my breathing was being reflected back off the wall and into the front AGAIN.

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