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Culturally & musically Gamelan is incredibly interesting & beautiful music…. friends returned from a holiday in Bali recently & aside from successfully avoiding stupid drunk Australian tourists they recounted the most amazing tales of gamelan performances that they witnessed… If you are unfamiliar here is an unsteadi-cam video of a gamelan performance:

I just love the hypnotic nature of the rhythms and the group tempo shifts… Here are some performances of gamelan music from central Java in the style of the Keraton Surakarta, recorded in the Museum of Ethnography Nusantara in Delft, the Netherlands;

download Ladrang Asmarandana mp3
download Ketawang Mijil Wigaringtyas mp3
download Ketawang Sinom Parijata mp3
download Lancaran Kebogiro mp3

And here is a link to 16bit 44.1kHz .WAV individual samples from the same instruments (which are over 200 years old) plus a zip compressed 50MB file of the entire sample collection – read more here.

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