Garden progress



Trying a slightly different/better technique for starting seeds this year:

The biggest threat to young seedlings for me is goddamn slugs! Last year I started heaps of seeds, they got to about an inch high & then all disappeared overnight! I abandoned those and bought seedlings, but this year decided to find solutions, and pegging plastic (offcuts from when I built the greenhouse) serves multiple purposes: slugs can’t get in, and there is a humidity and temperature boost of starting the seeds inside what is basically a mini greenhouse… So far so good!

Peas x lots

More peas & tomatoes

Lettuces x lots & more tomatoes

Not sure I’ll need the tomato seedlings as I already have 16 tomato plants going… And the lettuce will need some thinning, but I want to grow mass peas! When I was a kid growing up on the farm, every year my Dad would sow a strip 100m wide across a paddock, and it was a ritual to go and pick peas for dinner. Fresh peas are so tasty, but as a plant they are also nitrogen fixing, so they help build up the soil for future seasons…

Tomatoes and Blueberry plants:

Main Raspberry plants:

Those are the delicious black heirloom raspberry plants from my Dad, and like all raspberry plants they ‘sucker’ – send out roots which surface and form new plants… So in that netted structure there are now 3 raspberry plants, but I also have been trying to propogate new plants using a technique I read about…

Basically you take one of the long canes and bend it down, into a bucket of soil and back out again. I had to put a brick on top to stop the cane lifting back out, but six months later the cane has started to form roots, and I then cut the cane from the main plant.

Another one I have going started from a root that popped up. I dug it out and put it in a planter bag and am training it vertically, wrapping it around the poles & clips I use to prop up tomato plants as below (there is a banana palm behind it)


Corn & Courgettes

Lettuces, Beetroot, Brocolli and will plant the pea seedlings along the side with the fencing for them to grow up…

The rest of the main greenhouse has citrus (limes, mandarin, orange) avocado x3, fig, dwarf peach, tamarillo…

I also recently cleared some space & added the desk & chair, as it is such a lovely warm environment and quite peaceful, so I figure it could be a good place to turn off wifi and go do some writing, surrounded by the smell of plants growing!


It’s my first time growing avacado – I have three plants and the other two are leafy but this one has gone ballistic! Here’s hoping each of these buds turns into an actual Avacado!


Have to be patient to grow asparagus, as you dont get any to eat from the first season and I’m not sure I’ll get much this year, in its second season….

Love my Redpath greenhouses – it’s like cultivating my own tropical jungle!

See this post from 2018 from when I built the first one.





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