Sound Geo Tags

In the news on the BBC this week was a report on a company who has developed a means of tagging sounds to specific locations via Google Earth which is a great idea! Just as finding a beautiful panoramic photo tagged to a location brings it alive visually, the idea of virtually visiting interesting sonic locations has huge appeal, only to be supplanted by embedded video AND sound…

But of course its hardly news at all to anyone who has checked out the brilliant freesound project ‘The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds’ which already have a section of geotagged sounds The particularly observant will have even noticed freesound being credited in the excellent film Children of Men – screenshot of credits here, trailer here, and a very good article on the clever use of VFX in the film here. I have to also say the film has a very very good soundtrack – much respect to sound designer/sueprvising sound editor Richard Beggs and all of the sound team.

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