Glass Sample Library

No, not Philip – SonicCouture have just released a new library: Glass/Works which contains three unique instruments: Le Cristal, Glass Armonica & Cloud Chamber Bowls. Its a 4.5GB download so I’ll have a play with it at the weekend, but I’m especially interested to hear the Glass Armonica with its reputation to drive people insane (which may well be due to lead content in the original instruments) – heres a video of Thomas Bloch playing it:




Theres a lot more info & demoes on the Sonic Couture page so I wont repost it here….

2 thoughts on “Glass Sample Library

  1. Jonathan

    also Love the Armonica. I think Benjamin Franklin invented or had a lot to do with the design of those. He also was noteworthy for wanted to make the turkey the national animal for America (as opposed to the bald eagle). and of course kites and keys.

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