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Posting this on my blog, as a permanent public waypoint.

One of the many joys of shooting XPAN is being a member of the XPAN online community, which provides a window into the work of XPAN photographers from all over the planet. There aren’t many groups on FecalBook that I participate in anymore, but the two I most appreciate are (a) NZ Vege gardeners group and (b) Hasselblad Xpan & Fuji TX Group. It is rare there is any unnecessary drama, trolling or toxic commenters in either group. But wow that XPAN group!! Seeing great new XPAN panoramic photos every day made me wish for something more permanent than the temporary rush of social media. So I pitched a group photobook project, where each photographer has one page in the book, for their favourite self-selected XPAN photo/s shot in 2021. Here is my initial pitch to the FB XPAN Group, and to the Flickr XPAN Group.

“I mentioned in a comment a week or two ago about having an idea for a group XPAN project, and I have since distilled it down to this idea:

A yearly group XPAN E-Photobook, starting with EDITION 2021.

I propose this project occurs in the digital realm, as a PDF.
UK magazine On Landscape (PDF & online) are a great role model, and one of my favourite digital periodicals:

Every day in this group I see beautiful and unique XPAN photos. The diversity and range of this global community also reflect the times we are living through, and I think it would be great at the end of each year to have an eBook of XPAN photos. So part of this project would be archival, but it would also be about exposure and sharing photos.
Would you be keen to submit a few favourite XPAN photos taken this year, that reflect 2021? All rights would remain with you the artist, and selected photos would be included with specific limited permissions, in a PDF ebook with full attribution & embedded links to your work, and website etc

Now as always the elephant in the room is money. We are all privileged to own an XPAN and be able to shoot film. My instinct would be for the project to be completely non-commercial, with no advertising content or need for sponsors or fundraising. And no entry price. The PDF would not be sold. It would be distributed for free, by word of mouth, and email, by the contributors. Like a shared portfolio or portable group exhibition.

But an important secondary aspect is more long term. I love photo books as a medium, so the project has the potential to establish a peer-reviewed XPAN photo book template, which with funding could evolve to become digital + print, for us as a group and individually. I wish it already existed.

If you are an XPAN Photographer, please join the new mail list here:





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