Happy 5th Birthday

Oops – I missed this blogs 5th birthday! First post ever was 18th September 2006 followed by 1,415 more… Thanks to wordpress and hostgator for making it possible, and thanks to everyone who has engaged with it! If you are a new visitor, do hit the Archive link up top as there are some gems buried there!



If you like stats here’s a few: during the month of September 2011 this site had 17,679 unique visitors, receiving 46,352 visits, served up 118,118 page views, 727,909 hits and 19.86GB of data! A total of 1,561 people subscribe to the RSS feed…. And other than for my own projects it remains free of advertising!


And guess what I got for my 5th birthday?



While I was away in Vietnam woodsmith extraordinaire Todd O’Hagen finished my new Mathew Goikes designed & licensed modular synth cases: a 15U x 150 HP case and a 6U boat! I’ve just started installing the rails, power supply etc… and then will start migrating all my modules across… The wood almost glows and it really feels like a musical instrument! I had the layout sorted in modular planner, as below (larger layout image here) but Malekko just went & released the Wiard JAG and I’ve just ordered two, so I have some module juggling to do to fit the combined 36HP of them in… C’est la vie!



If there is a sudden burst of analogue synth from Kilbernie in Wellington next week you will know I’ve fired it up! And just like a 5 year old I cannot wait!!!!



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