Happy Birthday David!

Did he have any influence on you? If not, skip this post…. But if so name your two most influential iconic songs…. Here are my two:


Bowie (apparently) playing koto? Combined with Enos chordal drones & that tearing jet synth sound…



And I’ve ranted about the piano by Mike Garson in this song before – f.c.k.n.g_._g.e.n.i.u.s! not sure I even like the song that much, but that solo! OMFG!?!




Lastly, ten creative lessons from Bowie in Berlin and I would add #11 spend some time in Berlin! I’d also suggest you check out this great photo – the comment nails it: “£10 says Bowie doesn’t remember this”


Fripp, Eno & Bowie in Berlin


Happy 65th Birthday Mr Bowie-san! Please play more koto – we like it!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday David!

  1. Japansynth

    Breaking glass

    Ashes to ashes

    If only 2, then these 2 but really so many more are significant though hard pressed to think of much after “Outside”

    To never again hear Heroes or Rock n Roll Suicide would be tough!

    Time lights a cigarette …..

  2. Christian Biegai

    One of my big “heroes” 🙂 I took Sam Scott and Brett Stanton to the Hansa Studio Meistersaal, when they were here. It was quite funny, cause there was some Anglo Christian Party with terrible music, while we stepped in. They figured out pretty quickly, that we do not belong to that group..haha.

  3. Christian Biegai

    -“Heroes” aka “Helden”, which I first heard when I saw “Christiane F.- Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo”.
    -“Sound and Vision” A historic moment, when I listened to “Low” for the first time on my record player.

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