Happy Birthday Len Lye (5 July 1901)

A quote (with accompaniment by Nina Simone)

Free Radicals (1958)

Talking about his kinetic sculptures:

And from a previous post:

While it may not have been created recently the work of Len Lye is contemporary in that it feels as fresh & innovative now as it ever has & if that isn’t something to aspire to then I dont know what is. Len Lye was a self described composer of motion & this CD, released on the Atoll label is a very worthy introduction to the sounds created by his kinetic sculptures. Of course it cannot replace experiencing the real thing at the Govett Brewester Gallery in New Plymouth but it does achieve the worthy task of making us appreciate Len Lyes work with our ears as the primary input. Buy the CD – I also highly recomend the DVD Flip & Two Twisters which provides an excellent overview of the work (scratch film, animation, painting, kinetic/sound art) of this genius local, and/or the biography

Rest in peace Len, your work is a perpetual inspiration!

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