Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you – wherever & however you celebrated it!
My strangest New Year (2000) involved me falling off a small balconey & doing a serious spiral break of the tibia bone in my leg… and of course as soon as the tibia broke, the little fibula bone followed suit… & despite it being decades since I did a first aid course, my first question after I regained sentience was to ask if soemone could check to make sure the bone wasnt protruding & I wasnt in the process of bleeding to death! Funny what you remember & what you can recall when it really matters… and of course I do still remember the sound as each bone broke… I was checked into Christchurch hospital 2am New Years day, 2000 & was operated on later that afternoon – ever since I have been part robot, thanks a large piece of titanium now living inside my leg… I get better radio reception ever since but have to avoid strong magnets…
Anyway, enough morbidity – this New Year was much more pleasant – I spent New Years day doing what I love; spending time in the environment & recording sounds I just KNOW are going to be very very useful for a specific project….

We headed off to Castlepoint, a few hours from Wellington over on the East Coast (click image for larger version)

I have been to Castlepoint a few times in the past & I had a memory (& a mono recording) of a sound that I knew could be a key element for an aspect of the next film project I start on Jan 5th… The reef you can see way over behind the light house has one big crack in it, so when the tide is right waves come crashing through this very confined crack & spill over into the lagoon on the right… Heres a point of view shot:

It is the rush of water & energy through such a confined space that I wanted to capture… and that involved getting wet occasionally, but only a bit, as that reef is treacherous & while I dont mind the occasional swim, my mic & recorder most definitely does not! Of course every wave was different & so I recorded probably half an hour of material, doing seperate record files as i focused on different aspects of the sound….

So whats it sound like? Well I’m saving the lovely stereo 96k recordings for the film, but heres an example mono recording from my previous visit:

download Castlepoint waves through gap mp3

Can you hear the potential? the containment? the approach & the impact? the decay?

While we were there we climbed up above the lighthouse & I shot a 360 panorama which I will convert to a QT VR sooner or later… and I’ll attach it here when I do, but for now heres a low rez version of the stitched photos – click the thumbnail pano below for the slightly less low rez one (the high rez is 6MB)

ah summer! its the start of a good year – I can feel it in my bones, even the titanium augmented one!

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