If you are a fan of the music of Sigur Ros then you probably already know about this, but I only just picked up a copy at Tower Records and WOW!!!!! Quoting from their own press release: “In 2006, having toured the world over, Sigur Rós returned home to play a series of free, unannounced concerts in Iceland. ‘Heima’ is a unique record of that tour filmed in 16 locations across the island, taking in the biggest and smallest shows of the band’s career. ‘Heima’ is a 97 minute documentary feature film featuring songs from all four Sigur Rós albums alongside previously unreleased material and, on disc two of the DVD release, a brand new song, also titled ‘Heima’.

Heres the trailer, but do your senses a service and go here to watch the high resolution version, the 1080p especially looks beautiful!

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